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Hunting Land for Sale South Carolina

Hunting Land For Sale South CarolinaWhen it comes to hunting land for sale, South Carolina offers the real estate you want through Olde South Properties & Investments. Investing in hunting property may serve as a lucrative investment today. Our real estate firm has helped property owners invest in money-making properties since the 1950s. If you’re searching for a way to improve the quality of food you eat, secure a trophy buck, or make some money on the side, consider investing in hunting land for sale in South Carolina.

Hunting in South Carolina

Every state enforces its own hunting regulations. As you search for hunting land for sale in South Carolina, consider some of the hunting regulations this southern state imposes:

  1. You can hunt for foxes, opossums, coyotes, armadillos, hogs, and mink at night during relevant hunting seasons.
  2. On private lands, deer season extends from October 15 until January 1 for bucks.
  3. If you plan to hunt wild hog, you may need to take special precautions to avoid swine brucellosis.
  4. On private lands, turkey season extends from March 20 until May 5. Hunters may only take 3 gobblers per season and no more than 2 a day.

If you plan to use your hunting land for sale in South Carolina, read through the relevant regulations beforehand. Hunting laws in South Carolina can seem confusing at first. If you’re searching for regulations that apply to Aiken, SC and surrounding areas, look at Game Zone 3. You may also want to speak with a seasoned hunter in the area before you start hunting at a wildlife management area or on your own private property.

Making Money on Hunting Land in South Carolina

Many hunters invest in hunting land because they can use it as an investment property. When you search for hunting land for sale in South Carolina, consider your potential to rent the property out to other hunters during the hunting season. Enjoy hunting on your own private land and make some extra money from hunters who do not want to hunt on state run properties.

After you purchase a swath of hunting land for sale in South Carolina, consider creating a hunting lease for other hunters you know or find through a referral network. You may not want to advertise your land for lease on a free site, but some hunters will respect your wishes and help you recoup your investment. If you choose to lease your property to trusted hunters, you may enjoy some additional benefits. Other hunters will typically watch your property for you and let you know if they notice anything untoward happening. You may also make connections with locals who know the land and can connect you to other community members.

Over time, you may build up a network of locals you can call on to help you with your property. Many of our hunting land investors ultimately choose to move out to the areas where they own hunting lands. If you’re in search of hunting land for sale in South Carolina, consider reaching out to Olde South Properties & Investments.

Features to Look for on Hunting Land in South Carolina

As you search for your ideal hunting land for sale in South Carolina, consider the features that will give you the greatest return on your investment. Here are some of the most beneficial features we and our clients look for on prime hunting real estate:

  1. The acreage. The amount of acreage you can hunt on will play a major role in your ability to enjoy the property you purchase. Consider the amount of road front property compared to the amount of rural land to determine the true hunting value of the land.
  1. Water sources. Game animals from deer to quail search for fresh water in the wild. If you can find a prime watering spot, you will enjoy a robust hunting ground. Search for streams and non-stagnant ponds flowing through the property to gain the most benefit from local water sources. You may also benefit from water sources on adjacent properties. Learn as much as you can about the fresh water on hunting land for sale in South Carolina before you make an investment.
  1. If you have the opportunity, speak to the local game warden, community hunters, and others who understand the nature of hunting on the property. You may perceive the ideal hunting conditions for a state such as Tennessee but fail to consider features that make the South Carolina landscape unique. Talk to a local hunter before you invest in hunting land for sale in South Carolina.
  1. How much effort will it take for you to reach the ideal hunting locations on your property? If you can easily reach a prime spot via ATV or UTV, then you may have a great piece of hunting land. However, problems with rights of way, creeks, and your own access to equipment may hinder your ability to reach the right location. Think about your property from a practical perspective as well as an ideal one.

The right hunting property may not seem apparent as first. We will help you as much as we can in your search for a productive piece of hunting land for sale in South Carolina. After all, our reputation hinges on your complete satisfaction. If we can’t answer a question you have about the property, we will put you in touch with the current owner or a hunting veteran in the local community who can answer your questions.

The Right Realtor for Hunting Lands in South Carolina

Some people may not associate South Carolina with great hunting, but our state’s avid hunters are out every day of the open season. From white tailed deer to gators, we offer our locals and visitors a wide selection of fresh, wild game. Whether you’re a trophy hunter or someone who wants to control the quality of meat consumed, hunting in South Carolina will give you more than enough meat and trophies to put away for the coming year. When you’re ready to take your search for hunting land for sale in South Carolina to the next level, consider Olde South Properties & Investments. To talk to our broker in charge and owner, Bert Ellis, call us today at (803) 645-7883.