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Hunting Land for Sale Georgia

Hunting Land for Sale GeorgiaOlde South Properties & Investments is ready to show you premier hunting land for sale Georgia has to offer. Since the 1950s, our firm has helped folks find the right pieces of land for their needs. For hunters, that typically means a rural area where you can hunt without worrying about wildlife management rules, other hunters, or contracts with landowners. Whether you’re hunting deer or fowl, we’ll show you a piece of property that will yield more than you need for the coming year.

Tips for Purchasing Hunting Land in Georgia

If you’re searching for hunting land for sale in Georgia, you’ll appreciate the lay of the land in South Georgia. The flat land in our part of the state gives hunters the upper hand when game is in season. Interestingly, every Georgia resident has access to at least one Wildlife Management Area (WMA) only an hour away. Although this seems like a convenient way to hunt, many of these WMAs stay overcrowded during hunting season and game animals learn to stay away. Instead, many hunters prefer to purchase their own hunting land for sale in Georgia.

Here are some of the most common insights or tips we’ve learned about purchasing hunting land in the state:

  1. The price of ownership may make more sense than leasing. If you’re an avid hunter and prefer to put up your own game each year, consider the cost/benefit analysis of doing so. Whether you hunt on regulated lands or on private property, you may pay a pretty penny to do so on someone else’s property. On your own property, you only need to follow the laws of the state. Otherwise, you can hunt and fish as you see fit.

Consider looking at hunting land for sale in Georgia if you have noticed the price of hunting increase or the quality of game decrease over the past several years. Well-maintained hunting/farming land may appreciate at a faster rate than other properties.

  1. Get to know the local game warden. If you want to know where the game goes, talk to the game warden. Knowing the activity on the land or in the region will help you narrow down your scope as you search for hunting land for sale in Georgia.
  1. Consider the “usable” land. A tract of land may only provide positive hunting yields if it is wooded and away from the roads. If you purchase a piece of property with several road-front acres, you may not enjoy as much usable hunting land for sale in Georgia as you anticipated. If you are a seasoned hunter, keep track of the areas where you see the most success. Look for those qualities in your hunting land investment.
  1. Look for water sources. A key component of a good hunting property is a high quality water source. Look for a well-fed pond or running stream on the property you choose. You may find game on properties without water sources, but many hunters recommend properties with preexisting streams and ponds.

Choosing prime hunting land is not like choosing a home or farmland. Depending on what, when, and how you hunt, different landscapes may serve you better. At Olde South Properties & Investments, our broker in charge/owner, Bert Ellis, will show you a portfolio of properties designed to suit your needs. As you search for hunting lands for sale in Georgia, partner with a real estate agent who understands ideal game hunting territories.

Get to Know Hunting Seasons and Regulations in Georgia

If you are searching for hunting land for sale in Georgia, you may already know the state regulations for hunting. If not, however, here are the regulations that may affect your hunting season:

  1. Hunting deer. For firearms, the hunting season extends from October 22 until January 8.
  2. Hunting bear. While not typically seen in South Georgia, firearm related bear season generally extends from September 29 until mid-October.
  3. Hunting turkey. You can hunt turkey from March 25 until May 15 of 2017 in Georgia.
  4. Hunting dove. A popular game bird, dove hunts extend from September until January, with restrictions.
  5. Hunting quail. For quail, you can take up to 12 per day from November 12 until February 28.

Before you begin your own hunting season on private or public property, we recommend reviewing the latest regulations. Some change from year to year. Augusta lies in the Region 3 according to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources Division. After you purchase hunting lands for sale in Georgia, check the state’s hunting website on an annual basis to learn more about hunting licenses and game seasons.

Finding a Hunting Land Real Estate Agent

During your search for hunting land for sale in Georgia, you may have difficulty finding a realtor who understands your needs. Hunting land does not offer the same attributes as farming land or vacation property – it fits a specific list of criteria. At Olde South Properties & Investments, we understand the needs of hunters. From white tailed deer to quail, trust us to deliver property outlines that meet your needs.

Save money on yearly meat costs, feed your family with wild caught game, and mount a prized catch above your fireplace. Hunting land for sale in Georgia meet all of your needs within your budget. Imagine taking an ATV or UTV out on your property in the early hours of the day without worrying about other hunters. You’ll love the independence of hunting on your own land when you invest in hunting land for sale in Georgia.

Your Hunting Land Realtor in South Georgia

The team at Olde South Properties & Investments specializes in hunting properties in the southeast. If you’re interested in investing in a hunting property that will yield significant returns over the years, consider reaching out to our team. For over 60 years, we’ve maintained a reputation of excellence in the local real estate market. We would feel honored to help you find a first class hunting property according to your specifications. For more information about current hunting land for sale, Georgia residents can call our office today at (803) 645-7883.