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Grovetown High School

Grovetown High SchoolIn your search for a new home near Augusta, consider the area around Grovetown High School. At Olde South Properties & Investments, we recommend several schools in the area including this high school to the north of Fort Gordon in the city of Grovetown. Since the 1950s, our real estate firm has helped professionals, families, and retirees relocate to the area and improve their quality of life. Discover more about what makes Olde South Properties & Investments different.

Get to Know Grovetown High School

Started in 2009, Grovetown High School sits north of I-20 and to the northeast of Augusta. With nearly 2,000 students, the high school offers several educational pathways and a thriving extra-curricular activities selection including football, model UN, and debate. Many students arrive at Grovetown High School because they have parents stationed at Fort Gordon to the south of Grovetown.

As other schools in the Columbia County area, Grovetown High School maintains higher than average testing scores and offers several AP courses to prepare students for their next step in educational excellence. Whether you’re searching for a certain educational program or a welcoming school environment, explore what Grovetown High School has to offer when you tour real estate properties in the area.

Considerations for Choosing a High School

At Olde South Properties & Investments, we handle all aspects of the real estate process from discovery to closing. As such, we often help our clients find educational opportunities for their children before the move. While we do not claim to be educational experts, we treat every client and family as we would our own. Your satisfaction with our services extend beyond the home or property you choose and into the quality of life you attain when you move to the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA). Here are some of our top tips for exploring high schools such as Grovetown High School in the area:

  1. Talk to students. You may want to talk to more than one or two to gain an understanding of the learning environment. When you visit the school for a tour or sit in on a class, take time to talk with the students as well as administrators. The insights from individuals who sit in Grovetown High School classes every day may help you and your child make a decision about the best high school for social and educational opportunities.
  1. Explore student support at Grovetown High School. Every school strives to raise its graduation rates, testing scores, and other measurements of success. In addition to academic offerings and statistics, learn more about the support individual students receive. With personalized and valuable educational support, students can reach their potentials and create a strong foundation for college. The support of teachers and counselors plays a crucial role in educational development.
  1. Access to technology. Technology plays a fundamental role in both education and careers today. Look at the type and amount of technology a high school uses on a daily basis. Will your child have an opportunity to develop key technology-based skills at Grovetown High School or at other area schools? Whether your child has an interest in technology-based careers or not, building a strong foundation in technology will serve as an asset in any field.

Develop your short list for “must-have” school criteria and bring them into the office when you meet with Bert Ellis, our broker in charge, or another team member. We will do our best to ensure you find the right property and the right schools for your family. Grovetown High School is a great school to check out in the Augusta area.

Taking Education Beyond the Classroom

When you choose to move into the CSRA, you will have the opportunity to supplement your child’s education at Grovetown High School or another school with adventures around the region. Just a short drive from Grovetown, your family can explore the museums of Augusta, visit historic sites along the Savannah River or head down to the coast for an educational trip to Savannah or Charleston. Atlanta is only a few hours away, and you will find a rich history right in your own backyard. Grovetown was founded in 1881, giving it a long history in the state of Georgia.

Education plays a fundamental role in the development of children and in adults. At Olde South Properties & Investments, we look forward to helping our clients develop and maintain a sense of curiosity for both the well-known and more obscure area attractions. From Grovetown High School to the local colleges, you can always learn something new in this thriving part of the state.

Get to Know Your Go-To Realtor

The team at Olde South Properties & Investments has a rich history in the CSRA area. Bert Ellis took over the business from his grandparents and has maintained a reputation for success over the years. During market fluctuations and difficult buying times, we maintain a strong portfolio of homes and help both buyers and sellers discover mutually beneficial arrangements. Count on our team to take your real estate experience to the next level. From recommending schools such as Grovetown High School to finding your ideal investment property, we’re a go-to resource for community information, real estate facts, and more.

In addition to serving those in the Augusta area in Georgia, we also help buyers and sellers in and around Aiken, South Carolina. If you’re interested in property within the CSRA community, remember the name Bert Ellis. We treat every client like family, and we look forward to helping you find your next real estate investment around Grovetown High School.

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If you’re ready to look at properties today or you’re feeling out the area, we hope we hear from you. Our team loves collecting stories, histories, and opportunities. We deliver so much more than the current listings in the area. When you’re ready to make a life change, think of Olde South Properties & Investments. To learn more about our services around Grovetown High School, call us at (803) 645-7883.