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Farms for Sale Aiken

Farms For Sale AikenWhen it comes to farms for sale, Aiken has several prime properties ready for a farmer’s touch. At Olde South Properties & Investments, we specialize in all types of properties including personal and commercial farms for sale. Aiken, SC is home to several moneymaking crops including poultry, cotton, corn, and greenhouse/nursery farms. If you’re searching for a commercial spread or a private farm for your own weekend getaways, get in touch with our broker in charge, Bert Ellis.

Creating Your List for Farming Necessities

If you’re a long term farmer, you know exactly what you need in a piece of land. If you’re purchasing your first parcel for farming, however, you may not know where to start as you consider the features of farms for sale in Aiken. Whether you want a farm to raise your children and grow your own food or you’re trying to start a small enterprise, here are some considerations:

  • If you plan to house livestock or grow plants on your property, consider access to running water. Creeks and ponds can help, but you may also need a water line running out to the property. We’ll help you factor the costs of purchasing land with preexisting water lines as well as what it might cost to install one on some new farms for sale in Aiken.
  • Vegetative growth. Look for property that already has the features you’re looking for. If you’re primarily going to hunt on your farm, for instance, forest with few open spaces may serve you best. For raising livestock and growing trees or plants, however, you’ll either need to clear the land or look for farms for sale in Aiken that feature preexisting pasture.
  • Soil testing. Avoid purchasing land without knowing all of the details of the property. Soil testing through the county extension office will help you understand the makeup of the ground you plan to use. Subsurface soil conditions can determine the fate of your farming aspirations. The extension office or another lab will tell you exactly what you’ll need to know to keep your land fertile in years to come. Look for farms for sale in Aiken that won’t cost as much to maintain over time.
  • Several farms for sale in Aiken already feature barns, sheds, and homes onsite. Consider your needs for the land now and into the future. If you plan on living on your property, look for properties with well-maintained buildings, utilities, and amenity services.

At Olde South Properties & Investments, we do our fair share of handling farms for sale in Aiken. Bring your list of requirements into your first meeting with our agents, and we’ll help you find a property that matches all your needs. To learn more about our history in the local real estate business explore Bert Ellis’s profile.

Our Approach to Farmland Sales

As you search for farms for sale in Aiken, you may or may not find your ideal property through word-of-mouth. Our real estate agents understand the differences between finding land for residential purposes and finding high quality farmland. We’re here to make the process as simple and stress free as possible for farmers in the area.

When you contact us, we’ll start working through our portfolio of properties and our network of potential sellers. Finding the right parcel of farmland can take time and diligence. We will never push a sale that you are not 100% onboard with, because your satisfaction comes first. With our help, you’ll find the farms for sale in Aiken you’ve always wanted. Allow us to serve as your partner for the right land in South Carolina.

Get to Know Aiken, SC

Whether you plan on living on one of our farms for sale in Aiken or driving in from another location, getting to know the area may help you make your decision to purchase land here. Aiken was founded before the Civil War in 1835. With several horse farms in the area, inviting city streets, and a thriving arts scene, Aiken is an area where you’ll love spending summer nights and fall weekends.

While you’re here, try The Willcox Restaurant in the Inn or Betsy’s on the Corner. Take a historic tour to learn more about the area or head out to the Aiken County Farmers Market to talk with other farmers in the area about their experiences. You’ll always find something to do and someone to talk to in this quintessential southern town. Once you visit to explore farms for sale in Aiken, you may not want to leave. We hope we’ll call you a neighbor soon.

Ideas for Starting a Personal Farm

The local farming movement is en vogue today. For those moving from other farms or trying to escape the busyness of city life, a personal farm may serve as the answer to your prayers. Farms for sale in Aiken include commercial properties as well as fallow land in need of work. Here are some of the ways locals use their own farmland for personal and community use:

  • Equestrian support. If you’re fond of horses, consider housing and/or raising horses nearby. With regular polo matches taking place, you’ll fit right into this horse-friendly community.
  • Organic gardening and farming. Control what goes into your body and start an organic farm for vegetables, fruits, and livestock. In the mild climate of Aiken, SC you can choose from several crops throughout the year. The markets for grass fed beef and free range chicken are on the upswing if you’re interested in the livestock business.
  • Consider planting trees for a relatively low maintenance, high return farm. Leave your children a living inheritance or plant a fast growing species to see ROI within 10-15 years. Choose from any number of tree farms when you search for farms for sale in Aiken.

Are you ready to find the best farms for sale Aiken has to offer? Farmland comes in handy for many different purposes. These ideas only represent a small subsection of how farmers use their land to make a difference in their personal lives and the local economy. We look forward to showing you more of our farms for sale. Aiken residents can reach Olde South Properties & Investments at (803) 645-7883 to get started.